The first issue of the Talent News and Review arrived in Talentians’ mailboxes back in April fo 2008.  Over 50 issues later, “TNR” is a house hold acronym, up there with ESPN, NBC, PETA and NPR.
Mailing out about 4300 copies once a month, Talent is the smallest in the Sneak Preview family, but don’t let its size fool you.  It’s a true community paper, featuring the City’s monthly newsletter – The Flash and Camelot Theatre’s Round Table.
Their community profiles, business features, Canlendar of Events, and the monthly Word on the Street columns help keep this publication local and timely… and on every coffee table in town!

PO Box 658
Talent OR 97540
Contact Person: Ron Rivard
Phone: (541) 778-7197
Email: Email