Middleway Medicine is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive, competent, and compassionate medical care possible. The Level of care recognizes the unique needs of each patient and the important of both excellent medical services and professional business practices.


Middleway, offers the customized services of acupuncture, herbal formulas, massage, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. To insure the best service, the clinic provides you with full-time office reception, insurance billing, and a complete herbal and supplemental dispensary. Our acupuncturists have experience treating all ages and types of people with differing issues. Pain relief of all kinds, motor vehicle accidents, digestive issues, headaches, fertility, pregnancy, allergies, fatigue, stress, immune strengthening, menopause, and insomnia are some of the most commonly treated patterns in our clinic. The name, Middleway, suggests a “middle” ground, a place of balance and health. We look forward to hekping you find your middleway!
312 E. Main St.
PO Box 960
Talent OR 97540
Contact Person: R. Clark and Ann Zimmerman
Phone: (541) 535-5082